Previous Roles & Experience
Investigation & Executive Protection Services

Previous Roles & Experience

Mr. Stocky is a graduate of the FBI National Academy (193rd Session) and the International Security Management Association Leadership Course at Georgetown University. In addition to his career as a Special Agent, Mr. Stocky has served as a Military Attaché, Human Intelligence Officer, and Intelligence Officer in the United States Marine Corps Reserve serving tours in the Horn of Africa, North Africa, and Iraq.

Resident Agent in Charge, Greensboro North Carolina Resident Office

Mr. Stocky also served as Resident Agent in Charge of the Greensboro North Carolina Resident Office where he opened the office and supervised all criminal investigations in North Carolina.  Mr. Stocky served as lead agent for Diplomatic Security during Operation Smokescreen, an Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms investigation that took down a Hezbollah terrorist cell in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The Operation Smokescreen case is the first conviction for the violation of federal code 2339B, “Providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations”.

Protective Intelligence and Investigations

Mr. Stocky’s last tour with DSS was as Division Chief for Protective Intelligence and Investigation.  There, he established protective intelligence protocols and Standard Operating Procedures for PII support of dignitary protection operations, developed an advanced training regimen for Special Agents assigned to the division providing them with advanced firearm and tactical training, suicide bomber identification and interdiction, and established cyber-threat investigations protocols.  Planned Protective Intelligence Operations during the 2009 United Nations General Assembly Meeting in New York City with the U.S. Secret Service and supervised Diplomatic Security Special Agent activities detecting and investigating suspicious activity.  Mr. Stocky also lead a team investigating the 2009 attack on Ambassador Hill’s’ motorcade in Dhi Qar, Iraq.  In addition to the achievements above, Mr. Stocky embed with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service during the 2008 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, tracking and investigating terrorist threats.